Gun Control And The Duty Deaths Of Police Officers

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As a professional skeptic of sorts, I do not believe in “repeated coincidences.”

The chart below shows the number of police officers murdered in the line of duty for most of the years since 1960.

Starting on the left, the modern gun control drive began in late December, 1963. The intent was to prevent Congress from banning explicit violence on television, and quickly morphed into a “Send the Army and Confiscate them all campaign” in early 1964, As you can see, as the gun ban campaign spread, the number of Officers murdered in the line of duty rose.

1967 brought fort demands for Draconian Federal gun laws, and a rise in the number of Officers who lost their lives. However, those laws were not signed into law until September 16,1968, and took effect on December 16 of that year. Something that started the most dangerous period for Law Enforcement Officers in American History.

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The Officers death total continued at record high levels until 1972. when Congress relaxed some of the most Draconian requirements of GCA-68. In particular, the ammunition buyers registration provision was dropped after “ATF Cowboys” committed a number of acts that can only be described as brutality.

From there, increasing use of efective ballistic armor, assigning two Officers to each squad car, and other measures reduced the number of fatalaties, although deadly force attacks on Officers continued at a high level.

The number of Officers murdered continued to slowly decline as overly restrictive gun laws were relaxed or repealed, reaching a low of just 30 Officers murdered in 2011.

Unfortunately, 2012 was the year Adam Lanza acted on his long stated desire to murder a school full of kindergartners and an excuse for a massive influx of money to the gun ban industry. The results are shown by the red columns.

And for the last two years the number of Officers murdered in the line of duty has hovered around 60.

Worse, this years total promises to be even greater than 2018 and 2019.

The links between the number of Officers murdered while on duty and restrictive gun laws is unmistakeable, and inarguable. Restrictive gun laws not only drive the homicide total up, they have a strong and demonstrable link to Law Enforcement Officers murdered in the line of duty.


OOPS! I forgot to credit the source of the data the chart is based on. It came from the Officers Down Memorial Page.Org website.

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