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Some people refulse to credit the facts, even when the result they do not believe are contained in thousands of official crime counts. To them, guns in the hands of the law abiding are more of a threat than a stolen gun in the hands of someone who lives by breaking the law.

But those official statistics can only document one of three things. An increase, a decrease, or an unchanging rate or total. In the case of gun control,

In the case of gun control, the first known gun control law was imposed in 1495, when a young rake trying to impress the Duke’s favorite Cartesian, fired a “gone” that “much marred her appearance.” In his wrath, the Duke banned guns from the Duchy. Within months the trouble his edict caused created a surge in crime, the people deposed the offending Duke and installed one who revoked the edict.

Since then there have been more than 58,309 regularly enforced “gun control” laws. Of those, not even one could be called even a qualified success. Every one of the more than 58,309 restrictive gun laws have been followed by a surge, often a near vertical rise, in violent crime. No one has been made safer, no ones life can be shown to have been saved, and on the record, not one can be shown t have provided a benefit to the people. A benefit to authoritarian rulers, yes, but the people, no.

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The median increase in violent crime in industrialized countries since 1850 has been a 325% i increase in murder, armed robbery, and “assault with intent to kill,” now called aggravated assault. The exact amount depends largely on social and economic factors. If everyone can find a job and no one is preaching violence to a class that percieves itself as downtrodden, the median rise is above 225%

But if unemployment rates are high and people are getting desperate, the rise is as high as 1200% within 10 years. And if there is social unrest as well, the sky is the limit.

The chart below lays out the US Homicide Rate from 1880. Every American gun control law is has caused a rise in the violence that follows gun control. One point to not is that before 1964 gun related homicides comprised less than 45% of the homicide total. After 1964 and the beginning of a nationwide gun ban campaign, the percentage of gun related homicides jumped to near or above 70% of the annual total.

The results of every restrictive American gun law is on the chart, starting with the period from 1880 to 1904 when the Constitution was taken at face value, and anyone with money could buy a gun.

The murder of a governor by what we would call an Improvised Explosive Device” set off a wave of restrictive gun laws, under the then new “Police Power of the State” theme. And violent crime rates “went vertical, to rates unheard of in any industrialized country.

Relaxing or repealing those laws brought violent crime rates down, as they have everywhere they have been tried. In fact, the decline in violence between 1993 and the present was brought on by relaxing laws against carrying a gun outside the home.

When the facts considered, the arguments for gun control fly out the window. Instead, the laws that work to reduce criminal violence of all sorts are those that crack down on the traffic in stolen guns that arms the criminal underworld, and those requiring a head of family to own a gun. Those are the laws that end blood in the streets, ‘


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