Bloomberg To Speak At Gun Control/ban Meeting Today

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Newsday reports gun ban industry funder Michael Bloomberg will be a featured speaker at a “gun violence prevention event today.

The problem with Bloomberg’s recepe for gun violence prevention is that it works in reverse. Every time stoppping criminals who commit horrendous crimes by banning or confiscating guns, the violent crime rate has been driven ever higher. The US’ current 390 violent crime rate has been cut from 758 by doing the very things Bloomberg is fighting, by loosening overly restrictive gun laws.

Yet anyone who bothers to look can easily discover that the laws Bloomberg has spent huge sumps every restrictive gun laws drove the United States violent crime rate from 162 to 757 between 1963 and 1992. As the FBI numbers presented here demonstrate,

And, as the chart below clearly shows, when anyone with the price could buy a gun, and carry it anywhere they pleased, the homicide rate was far lower than it has been since restrictive gun laws began in the 1905-1906 inception of those dangerous laws. The red columns show the results of the latest high dollare gun ban campaign.

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Clearly, restrictive gun laws are the last thing a person interested in reducing gun violence would want.


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