How Much Risk Is There In Keeping A Gun In The House?

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An anonymous URL, asks if the risk of keeping a gun in the house is as dangerous as the gun ban industry claims.

Bloomberg’s gun ban industry is very reluctant to discuss numbers, since the numbers falsify almost all their claims. For firearms accidents, the CDC estimates the total number of fatal gun accidents …

Some of those are known to be hunting accidents unrelated to firearms so the most likely total is 480 or a little less. That puts the risk at 1.5 accidental firearms deaths per million population.

However, a high percentage of fatal gun accidents occur in jurisdictions that have banned gun safety training. For those who are allowed to buy guns legally and attend in-person or on-line gun safety programs, the risk is closer to 0.08 accidental gun deaths per million, or 8 per ten million Americans.

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The key to further reduction in the accidental firearms death rates is to mandate basic gun safety programs to teach children who see a gun to go get an adult. And it a world beset by “crime and violence it would be a very good idea to teach sixth graders the basics of gun safety and the rudiments of marksmanship.

Persistence in teaching gun safety and the respect for guns gun safety demands could cut the number of accidental gun deaths to one in twenty million. Something that is well worth a kindergarten teacher taking a couple of hours a year to teach, and sixth grad classes to spend 14 hours reinforcing the gun safety precepts taught in kindergarten or first grade.


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