Improving Camp and Catching Fish Ep 4 10 Days, 10 Items; Alone on Island in the Canadian Wilderness

Survival Skills
Join me in an adventure of a lifetime.
I spend 10 days alone with 10 items in a backpack, I live/camp on an Island, have a canoe to travel in search of food.
I live on fish and whatever small reserves I had.
I encounter Eagles, loons, and beaver, see sign of Black Bear, Moose, and many other animals
I have epic sunsets, strong camp vibes, and lots of time to think and film.
I build a semi permanent shelter, chair, tripod, carve a spoon, and have endless camp chores.
This is the second video in a mini series, I have a ton of footage.
The next video in the series will be out soon.
I hope you all enjoy 10 Days, 10 Items ; Alone on an Island in the Canadian Wilderness.


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