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A trigger connector is a small part of your Glock, but it performs an important function. A trigger connector moves down the sear from the striker after the sear has pulled back the striker. If you are seeking a lighter or heavier pull, adding an aftermarket trigger connector to your weapon will perform this function either earlier or later. It also gives your gun a smoother operation and improves durability as well.  Changing out the factory connector on your Glock is simple and easy, and will give you immediate results. Read below for reviews of some of the best Glock trigger connectors for your Glock handgun on the market today.

Best Glock Trigger Connectors

Ghost Ranger Connector - Glock 4.5 Connector

Using the Ghost 4.5 Ranger Trigger Connector to replace your factory trigger will upgrade your pull to make your weapon operate more smoothly.  This trigger connector gives you a lighter and smoother pull for a more enjoyable experience.

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The Ghost 4.5 Ranger reduces your trigger pull by about 1 pound to bring it down to about 4.5 pounds. It is also made to be a lightweight piece.  So, if you are concerned with building the lightest weapon possible, this addition will help keep your weight down.

Lastly, the Ghost 4.5 Ranger Trigger Connector greatly improves your between shot recovery time.

Lone Wolf Distributors 3.5 lb Steel Trigger Connector Upgrade for Glock 42  43 43X 48

If you are not looking for a faster or slower trigger pull than your factory connector, the Lone Wolf Distributors 3.5 Glock Trigger Connector may be a great fit for you. While the pull of this connector is still 3.5, it offers a 25% lighter weight than the factory connector.

The highly polished, nickel-plated surface of the Lone Wolf 3.5 Glock Trigger Connector gives you a smoother pull and a smoother operation overall. 

It also makes the weight of your weapon lighter. Adding this drop-in connector also allows for quicker reset for faster follow up shots when necessary.

ZEV Technologies Pro Connector Trigger Rest/Pull Steel | 30% Off 4.8 Star  Rating Free Shipping over $49!

This highly rated product is used time and again by Glock owners. The Zev Technologies Connpro Pro Connector is a drop-in trigger upgrade that is extra polished stainless steel.

This greatly reduces friction and gives you a smoother operation. Once installed, this connector makes your trigger press nearly competition grade.

Users love the noticeable increase in performance this trigger connector provides.


This stainless steel trigger connector is a high quality and durable option to add to your weapon. The Ghost Rocket 3.5 Trigger Connector reduces your trigger pull weight down to 3.5 pounds.  This lighter pull and polished metal make for a smoother and more enjoyable operation.

The way this connector is designed helps to prevent overtravel on your trigger pull, which ultimately improves your shooting accuracy. Additionally, you will have a shorter recovery time between shots as well.

Ultimate Connector for Glock - Taran Tactical Innovations, LLC

The Taran Tactical Ultimate Connector is an extremely durable trigger connector. It is made with SEA 1075 heat treated stainless steel so it will withstand years of use and never warp or wear. On top of that, it is mil spec electro-less nickel plated for protection against corrosion. 

Once installed, the extreme mirror polish gives it a smooth and clean trigger break. The angles of the Taran Tactical Ultimate Trigger Connector are designed to create a lighter trigger break that is suitable for both carry and competition.

Apex Tactical Performance Connector for GLOCK Handguns

When you add the Apex Tactical Specialities Performace Trigger Connector to your Glock, you will notice immediate results. Easy, drop-in installation allows you to replace your factory connector quickly and painlessly with very little effort. The highly polished steel that this connector is made from gives your weapon a smooth operation for increased performance.

The Apex Tactical Specialties Performance Connector reduces your pull weight by about one pound, giving you a 4.5 pound trigger press. This pull weight is generally accepted as good for both carry and duty depending on what you use your Glock for. No matter what you use it for, this connector is sure to give you more precise shots than your standard factory connector.

Final Thoughts

If you are not familiar with modifying your Glock, a trigger connector is a great place to start to see some positive results.  It is easy to install, and gives your shot a more personalized feel based on your individual preferences.

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