Family Sues After Child Suspended For Visible BB Gun In Online Class

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A Louisiana family is suing a school system after their fourth-grader was suspended when a teacher saw a BB Gun in the child’s room during an online class.

The lawsuit, which was filed Friday in Louisiana’s 24th Judicial District Court against Jefferson Parish school system, seeks damages and time for the child to make up work he missed during a 6-day suspension, the Associated Press (AP) reported.

Ka’Mauri Harrison was attending class online when his brother stumbled over an item in their room, according to the school report. He got up and when he came back into view of the camera,  he had “what appeared to be a full-sized rifle in his possession.” (RELATED: Fordham University Punishes Student For Picture Of Gun In Off-Campus Home)

“This case arises from egregious government overreach, complete lack of common sense to prevail and correct the glaring failures of local government officials to comply with the law,” the suit said.

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“The result is a terrifying intrusion into a family’s home and a bureaucratic nightmare that unites the Attorney General, ACLU, and the NRA in agreement that the parents and child’s statutory and constitutional rights have been violated,” it continued.

The suit alleges the school failed to provide Harrison’s family with it’s online learning policies at the beginning of the year and for infringing on his due process, the AP added. Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry is investigating whether the boy’s rights were infringed.

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