Bloomberg’s Gim Bam Activists Denied Access To Hospitals

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I see that Bloomberg’s gun ban industry house organ, the Trace , is moaning that anti-gim activists claiming to be anti-violence activists have been excluded from hospitals. If restrictions on gun ownership actually reduced gun violence, that would be a problem. But since every known and regularly enforced gun law from “No Carry In Public Buildings” to total gun bans have sent violent crime rates soaring, that is not a tragedy, it is a triumph.

The chart below compares the results of UK Prim Minister John Majors gun ban, the less drastic gradual tightening of gun laws by order of the European Union, and the results of relaxing gun laws in the United States. The chart is from a University of Padua study titled, in part, “Reversal of Misfortune, the rise of violent crime in Europe as Crime Fell In The United States.” The Study was still available from the University in Italian, with a high price tag, and an extensive review was published in French, in the magazine Contrepoint. The numbers are official, from the FBI and National Statistical agencies.

Let me add that the UK trace, representing violent crime in England and Wales, shows a decline that did not exist. Parliament complained of the rising crime rate, and the police began eliminating uninvestigated and unsubstantiated crimes from their reports. With tho blue penciled number still in place, the UK’s violent crime rate was 450 per 100,000 residents, today, with those numbers deleted, the UK’s violent crime rate is 2800 per 100,000. And gun related crime is up even more drastically.

That very small sampling of the results of gun control represents a total of 58,309 restrictive gun laws dating back 525 years, to 1495. Without exception, every regularly enforced restrictions on citizen gun possession have had similar result.

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When you have that many failures without a single success, continuing to attempt to impose ever more restrictive laws punishing those who almost certainly will never commit a crime of any sort is much like hitting yourself in the head with an axe, because it will feel so good when you are stopped.

The longest string of continuous failures in recorded history demonstates the futility of punishing the law abiding, and stopping advocates from promulgating their error is definitely a good thing.


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