Ohio: LTE Claims DeWine’s Gun Ban Precursors Would Save Officers Lives

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A Letter to the Editor originally published in the rabidly anti-gun Cleveland Plain Dealer and picked up by the even more rabidly anti-gun MSH site claims Governor Mike DeWine’s bundle of gun ban precursors would save Police Officers lives. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/ohio-gun-reform-will-also-save-police-officers-lives-eric-foster/ar-BB1963TW

Unfortunately for journalism, “Eric Foster” has been deluded. Both Ohio Gun Control and the number of Police Officers shot to death on duty are well recorded. Every bundle of State or Federal gun laws has resulted more firearms facilitated murders of on-duty Officers, and every restrictive gun law in the last 525 years has resulted in a sharp rise in every form of violent crime, including murder.

The chart below shows the results of Ohio’s gun restrictions, along with the additional rises in violent crime rates from Federal laws:

Before Hollywood’s “Send the Army and take them all” gun confiscation campaign of 1963 Ohio had very much lower violent crime rates than it has had at any time since. Further, every increase in crime rates can be directly linked to the imposition of some new restrictions on gun purchases, possession, or carrying. And yes, the minor softening of Ohio’s gun laws produced reductions in violent crime, and particularly firearms facilitated, violent crimes.

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Just as more than 58,309 other restrictive gun laws have since 1495, the longest record of bloody failure in human history.

It is unfortunate that the Plain Dealer has chosen to support laws that are mathematically certain to fail to provide any benefit, but instead profit on the funeral industry. But it seems the Plain Dealer would rather follow the crowd than to publish the facts.


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