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Simple to operate, simple to get on target, Crimson Trace’s Lasersaddle makes the already-dependable defensive shotgun even more so.

Is the pump-action shotgun the ultimate solution for things that go bump in the night?

While it’s an overstatement to say that merely racking the slide will send a home invader packing (further persuasion is sometimes required), the over-a-century-old design has its advantages in dissuading felonious meatheads. Capable of delivering large payloads in short succession, the tried-and-true pump-action overpowers nearly any foe.

There’s peace of mind in this, but that doesn’t mean the defensive instrument isn’t without its considerations. Reloading is an issue; practice is the solution. Then there’s aiming. This is a bit trickier.

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Ghost rings and brass beads are quick—lightning quick—and appropriate for a great number of scenarios. However, what about a dark hallway at about 2:00 a.m.? Inky darkness doesn’t bring out the best in these common aiming solutions. Adding a flashlight to the mix simply makes the gun a handful. Try working the slide with a flashlight in hand while staying on target if you don’t believe me. Contending with way too many factors isn’t just an annoyance, it’s deadly.

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Therein lies the necessity of the Crimson Trace Shotgun Lasersaddle.

Setting Sights on the Shotgun

You’ll be forgiven if you believed laser sights were purely a handgun affair. The mistake is common, given that the aiming solution dominates this market; so much so that it’s not uncommon to find lasers factory-installed on certain models. Nevertheless, this fast and accurate aiming method enhances any firearm, including a shotgun. All you need is a system to mount one on a scattergun.

Crimson_Trace_Laser_Saddle_LS-250_LS-870_Laser, lasersaddle, laser saddle

That’s easier said than done, considering how few pump-actions have M-Lok slots or the like. However, Crimson Trace pulls it off elegantly with the Lasersaddle. Similar in concept to the company’s trigger guard lasers for pistols, the device molds around a highly accessible part of the gun—in this case, the receiver. And, like the handgun options, the Lasersaddle is equally intuitive to operate.

Running the Lasersaddle

Despite all three of the device’s operation switches running along the right rear, the laser sight is completely ambidextrous; but righties and lefties will run it differently.

For those who are right-hand-dominant, the trigger finger operates the show—easy double duty, because the digit should be indexing before a shot. Southpaws will most likely find their thumb the logical choice to get the Lasersaddle in the fight. Either way, the results are the same: a brilliant green- or red-dot square on the target.

Lasersaddle Layout

Thankfully, Crimson Trace not only made the device intuitive, it’s also unobtrusive. Tailored for the most popular pump-action shotguns (Mossberg 500 and 590 and Remington 870), the sight sits on the receiver almost as if it were part of the gun. This is a great advantage, because it doesn’t take away any of a firearm’s functional familiarity.

The tang safety isn’t going anywhere on your Mossberg 500, and your Remington 870 will still kick hulls on its same, old arc. Also, the original sights are still functional on most models, whether factory or Picatinny rail mounted.

Call me a sucker for redundancy, but this sets my heart at ease: Rugged as ever, the Lasersaddle is still battery operated … and batteries die. Having a back-up option on a defensive gun only makes sense; this makes Crimson Trace’s sights all the more useful.

Crimson_Trace_Laser_Saddle_LS-250_LS-870_Laser, lasersaddle, laser saddle

As to keeping the Lasersaddle up and running, it’s no big deal: The red and green units both run off two CR2032 batteries, in each case, getting around three hours of runtime. Because the device has a master power switch (also situated at the rear right), it’s possible to guard the integrity of the batteries from a pressure switch inadvertently getting pushed.

Take Aim At Aiming Solutions:

Laser Sight Advantage

As previously mentioned, many shotguns don’t come decked out for precision work. A brass bead might be the ticket when pheasant season rolls around, but it comes up wanting for self-defense. Here, speed and accuracy are at a premium. The Lasersaddle delivers both.

Admittedly, the Lasersaddle isn’t going to double as a deer season game-getter. It’s purely a close-quarters enhancement. Theoretically, because the sight is both wind- and elevation-adjustable, you could dial it in for longer-range work. However, you’d need to be part bird of prey to catch sight of the dot more than 20 yards out. This limitation doesn’t diminish the Lasersaddle a lick.

Lethal-force self-defense encounters are intimate affairs—know-the-color-of-your-assailant’s-eyes intimate. The Lasersaddle and shotgun thrive in just such confrontations.

Parting Shot

Few firearms are more trusted to guard hearth and home than the pump-action shotgun. Whether pitching slugs or buckshot, this reliable style of gun has the stuff to send bad guys running for the hills … if you wield it proficiently. Crimson Trace’s Lasersaddle goes a long way to ensure you will.

Simple to operate, simple to get on target, the Lasersaddle makes the already-dependable self-defense option even more so.

For more information on Crimson Trace’s Lasersaddle, please to visit crimsontrace.com.

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