Mike Huckabee as leader of NRA?

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A New York Times report today on a book by Joshua Powell, former chief of staff for NRA executive director Wayne LaPierre. Powell advocates gun control and throws down on the financial mismanagement of the NRA under the big-spending LaPierre.

But there was this tidbit:


Much of the book centers on Mr. LaPierre, who Mr. Powell says “couldn’t run an organization on a fiscally sound basis to save his life,” and who filled the N.R.A.’s coffers by catering to “the extreme fringe.” So pervasive were the organization’s troubles, Mr. Powell says, that Mr. LaPierre confided in him about quitting last year, and asking Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor and Republican presidential candidate, or Jason Chaffetz, a former House member, to replace him.

Mr. Powell’s book has drawn scathing reactions from the N.R.A. Andrew Arulanandam, a spokesman, said that Mr. LaPierre spoke to many people about succession planning “if, and when, he ever left the N.R.A.” and that Mr. Powell “knows full well that the most serious ‘financial issues’ the N.R.A. confronted were the abuses of now terminated employees and vendors who abused the trust placed in them.”

LaPierre’s lifestyle would appeal to the Huckster. And as long as Trump hangs around, he’d have a solid ally in the White House.

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