The Atlantic Says “Gun Control Is The Key To Our Suicide Crisis”

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The Atlantic has gone beyond rabidly anti-gun to a full blown case of insanity, claimng gun control is the key to solving our suicide crisis.

The facts are simple enough. Between the years long malaise brought on by the Obama Economy, and the cheap and easy access to drugs such as Fentanyl with almost no border line between an addicts dose and a fatal dose, there has been a rise in suicide. A rise to the point we have no real handle on how many apparent suicides are actual suicides, and how many addicts using “eyeball scales” manage to kill themselves.

Some “official” guesses are as low as 50,000. ER doctors put the actual total at three times that. And, because most deaths in the United States are never properly investigated, the actual total of drug related suicides may be higher.

But in the meantime, the rate of firearms facilitated suicides has not increased to any significant degree. The number of such suicides is just under 20,000 with a population of 330 million. essentially the same as it was 240 million. While the number of suicides has gone up in proportion to the increase in population, the RATE Americans choose a gun to commit suicide has actually declined – even as Americans have purchased more than two hundred million new guns.

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Tjere os mp fpimdatopm om fact fpr tje At;amtoc’s hysterical rant against the 155 million adult members of America’s largest and most law abiding demographic group, the law abiding members of the shooting community and their guns.

The Atlantic is a historic publication that has fallen into hands that fail to uphold its traditions of honesty and accuracy in reporting. It is time for the publication to either be sold to someone who will respect the history, or to follow the course of thens of thousands of media outlets that have fallen by the wayside.


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