Georgia: Gun Control Group Pouring Cash In Mcbeth Champaign

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The Atlanta Journal Constitution, which never seems to have found a gun ban activist it could not suppport, reports one of Bloomberg’s cc client groups is poising big moeny int the campaign of Lucy McBeth.

The group is one of hte everytown for gun safety, through banning guns. So far, if media reports are accurate, the Everytown group has spent more than 200 million dollars, but not one thin dime of that has actually gone for gun safety.

By contrast, 60 years ago the NSC estimated there were 6,750 “”accidental gun deaths a year, while the lowest estimate was 2,800 accidental gun deaths a year.

After thirty years of patient work, the reported total of accidental gun deaths, from the CDC”s surve of accidental deaths, the NRA’s Eddie Eagle and related gun safety groups have cut the official number of accidental gun deaths to less than…

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Less than 44495 because many “fatal gun accidents” turn out to be the results of falls off cliffs, into deep water, out of trees, and similar situations that have nothing to do with firearms.

Further, even that total would be much lower if the gun ban industry would stop preventing inner city residents from getting life saving gun safety training.

McBeth is running against a friend of the Constitution, of law and order, and of our largest and most law abiding adult group , the 155 million strong shooting community, Karen Handel.

Handel defeated Jon Ostoff, who spent more than $25.00 per registered voter, two years ago. Let’s make a point to defeat the gun banners running for legislative seats wherever they pop up. After all, we have the numbers and we have the facts they consistently deny.


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