Why Does Violent Crime Invariably Rise With Gun Restrictions?

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A Richmond URL asks why violent crime always seems to increase when restrictive gun laws are imposed.

The answer is simple enough. Literally dozens of prison surveys show violent felons avoid places that May contain a gun: citing the danger involved in attempting to victimize someone with a gun.

This agrees with Dr. Stanton amenow, whose”Inside the Criminal Mind” covers the subject in detail. Dr. Samenow found criminals tend to feel entitled to take whatever they want, and do anything necessary to get away with the taking, up to and including murder.

The chart below, from UK sources shows the relationship between restrictive gun laws and violent, and particularly firearms facilitated, crime. When gun laws are permissive or nonexistant,gun ownership is common and violent crime is rare.

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But when gun laws are made restrictive, gun ownership falls, but crime rises, often to stratospheric levels. In the UK, the almost complete ban on guns pushed the violent crime rate from 480 per 100,000 population to 2800 per 10,000. put another way, a UK resident had one chance in 220 of being the victim of a violent crime before John Majors gun ba.

After ten years of gun control, the same UK resident had ne chance in 34 of becoming the victim of a violent criminal.

Clearly, this is not the way a society should go. And yet the gun ban industry wants to follow the UK and other nations into the well documented dismal abyss of a gun free society.

In a world where the alternatives are a heavily armed society with a very low violent crime rate, a society with moderate violent crime rates, and a society with sever restrictions on guns and a very high violent crime rate, the first, with many gun owners but few criminals would be the san e and informed person’s choice.

If Americans want to get back to where most homes did not have locks becuase there was little crime we are going to have to choose those who make laws far more carefully.


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