Twitter users excited Candace Owens didn’t speak at RNC

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Candace Owens was not included on the list of people speaking at the Republican National Convention, and some people are quite happy about it.

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Owens, a Black conservative, isn’t a favorite in many circles, one of them being the Black community. Her social and political commentary has come under fire multiple times, with Heavy reporting that Owens “has been an open supporter of President Donald Trump and created #Blexit, a movement to discourage Black Americans from voting with the Democratic party.”

She was more recently slammed for bringing up George Floyd’s record after his death, and she’s also made claims that the National Rifle Association started as a civil rights organization to protect African Americans from the Ku Klux Klan.

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Despite all of her past and present antics, she remains one of the most controversial voices in the Republican party, especially as a Black woman— but that still didn’t land Owens a speaking position at the Republican National Convention. When the list of speakers was announced, her name was nowhere to be found.

Owens initially reacted on Twitter but apparently thought better of her public retort. In a now-deleted tweet, she wrote “I would have crushed Obama’s DNC appearance,” according to BET News.

When people noticed that Owens wasn’t included in the roster of speakers, she began trending on Twitter.

Twitter users had reactions aplenty, some of them hilarious. Take a look at a few of their sentiments below.

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