Virginia: Norfolk Considering Gun Ban Today

Gun Rights

Today, the Norfolk City Council will consider banning firearms in certain public locations. Second Amendment supporters are encouraged to OPPOSE Item R-11. The meeting will be held remotely by video conference, starting at 6:00PM. Click here for information on attending the meeting remotely.

For decades, Virginia’s strong preemption statute has prohibited localities from passing their own gun control ordinances. This not only prevents a confusing patchwork of laws, but also ensures that Second Amendment rights are equally protected across the whole Commonwealth. Unfortunately, the anti-gun majority in the General Assembly and Governor Ralph Northam eroded those protections by passing and signing Senate Bill 35, which went into effect on July 1st.

Item R-11 prohibits firearms in public buildings, public parks, and on public streets and sidewalks where, or adjacent to where, certain events are occurring. There are no exemptions for those with a concealed handgun permit. This prohibition applies to both permitted events and events that “would otherwise require a permit,” making it extremely difficult for law-abiding citizens to determine which areas are suddenly a “gun-free zone.” While there is an exemption for firearms and ammunition stored in locked vehicles, this exemption does not extend to carrying them to and from vehicles. Individuals who live in an area where an event is occurring may not enter or leave their own property with a firearm.

Again, please consider attending the meeting remotely to OPPOSE Item R-11.

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