Failure To Observe Gun Safety Rules Costs A Child His Life

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The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports a firing range malfunction cost a child his life.

Of course, the AJC had to turn a tragic accident into an opportuninty to lie to its readers and make this account into another gun ban media item, stating that gun accidents take about 1,300 childrens lives a year. But considering just children it would take some 20 years to make that count, If we incle fireamf “accidents,” like falling into a creek and drowning while hunting, it would only take three years to reach 1,300 deaths.

Which is a primary reason those who know avoid the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

I suspect the tragedy began with a hangfire, and for some reason the child wound up in front of the muzzle when the round fired. It is all too human to forget the fine points of gun safety when that one in a million hangfire occurs, so this one is likely no reflection on anyone.

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Except the AJC, who demonstates Ananias and Sapphira seem to be staff writers.


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