Chicago, Bloody Chicago, Where The Pols Disarm The Law Abiding But Refuse To Curb Trafficking In Stolen Guns

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Chicago had 75 reported murders in May, 2020, as well as 314 shot and wounded during the month. That brings the 1010 total to 248 shot and killed in 151 days of 2020. Plus the 953 shot and wounded during the same period.

These numbers are predictive of a total gun murder total of between 600 and 700 for the full year, with the higher number probable if we have a warm autumn. On the other hand, if snow starts flying in early October, a total below 600 is possible, albeit unlikely.

Remember, this is a city that banned guns entirely, except Councilman Richard Mell’s collection, in 1982 or so. So Chicago was officially “gun free” for 30 years, during which it was officially the most violent city on Earth. Now the rates are well below Caracas, Sao Paolo, Rio De Janeiro, Mexico City, Bogota, and a host of cities in Africa and Asia.

But before gun control began in 1964, Chicago was one of the lowest crime cities of America cities. At that time, the homicide rate was 8.0, slightly higher than the current national average, but very low in the list of cities. But a gun control campaign began in 1963, and restrictive gun laws began in 1968. None of them worked to reduce crime, they all sent crime, particularly gun related crime soaring.

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So the political machine that runs the City banned guns, except for those it grandfathered in. So in, as I recall 1982, Jane Byrne put her signature on an ordinance closing all gun dealers, banning sales or possession of guns without a permit from city hall, and watched the homicide rate in the high crime neighborhoods pead at 344 per 100,000 population.

The chart below shows what happened to Chicago with gun control. And what happened when the Supreme court got around to deciding the case. But by the time SCOTUS acted, it was too late to do anything effective other than handing out free guns to everyone who can clear a background check in the City.

And, running more numbers, if the homicide stops at 600 for the city as a whole, it points to a homicide rate in the high crime communities in excess of 74 per 100,000 population,.

Proving once again that restrictive gun laws send murder, rape, armed robbery, and aggravated assault rates “Over the moon.”

Since disarming the law abiding has not worked in 25,173 attempts over 525 years, it is a foregone conclusion that another attempt will not make anyone safer, reduce crime, or provide anyone other than killers would consider a benefit, it seems time to try stoppi gt the trade in stolen guns that arm the underworld.


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