Bloomberg Warns Gun Control May Make SCOTIS “Strengthen” The Second Amendment

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There is no actual way to “bolster” an Article of The Constitution, which gives a blanket right to Keep and Bear Arms an that forbids any reduction of that right, But Bloomberg’s Business News reports gun control such as the popular confiscation laws may lead the Supreme Court of the United States of America to “bolster” the Second Amendment.

The Article is quite definite, After the “prefatory remark on a militia, giving one of the many reasons a law may be in fact needed, the Article lays down the law. The right, or legal permission, of Americans to keep, to acquire and possess such arms as are charged with gunpowder, and to bear or carry such arms is absolute, and shall not be reduced beyound the boundless right granted by the clause.

You will notice there is no exemption for criminals, who sometimes need to defend life and limb when thieves fall out. We, the law abiding, have not grouised about that ban on gun rights for felons but even a casual glance at the United States Homicide rate shows the bad men of the period before a bar on carrying restrictions sent the crime rate soaring in 1905.

Labor problems, with the murder of a Governor, impelled resulted in the anti-carry laws of the 1905 -1906 period. When things settled down the continuing labor troubles, and then Prohibition caused the rise in murder rates. Yet as a more general observation, in 1920 only 1 homeowner in 4 had put a lock on their door. People were generally well armed, since there were no laws concerning purchase to speak of.

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At the end of Prohibition, murder dropped because the prohibition violators were too busy trying to keep local prohibition laws renew and keep bottle shops in the hands of the States. That decline continued, albeit at a slower pace in the late years of the decline, until gun control came in with the murder of President John F. Kennedy.

Since a gun control campaign is almost as bad as a repressive law, you can see the rise from 1963 through 1968, and the even faster rise after 1968. That rise continued until 1993, when States went to a “Must Issue” form of “License To Carry” and crime fell much like a boulder pushed off a cliff falls.

Between 1993 and 2012 more than 20 million adult Americans gained the right to carry a concealed weapon and violent crime fell by more than half

And then, in red, you see the results of yet another gun “control” campaign, this one starting with a ban on almost all long guns capable of firing more lthan one shop without reloading.

This bundle of ban s coupled with highly restrictive laws on possession, such as being forced to disassemble a defensive weapon and store the parts in different places constitutes a ban on gun possession.

Given the total freedom Americans were endowed with with respect to the right to keep and bear such arms as are charged with powder, it should be no surprise at all if the Supreme Court supports the Constitution. After all, supporting the Constitution is what the Supreme Couirt is all about.

And failure to support the Second Amendment is likely to send far more protestors into the streets than the negligence death of a man who likely had a heart attack in Minneapolis.

Armed protestors, protesting for their Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.


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