How to Cook Steelhead Wellington

Survival Basics

We all know beef wellington or, even better, venison Wellington, that quasi-British showstopper in which a seasoned loin is encased in a flaky, crisp puff pastry. This variation, with rich steelhead in place of red meat, is its stream-driven cousin. It comes from the kitchen of Ryan Ziegler, executive chef at Ilani Resort’s Line & Lure restaurant in Ridgefield, Wash., and it sees a whole steelhead (or, Ziegler suggests, a spring Chinook salmon) nestled into a bed of garlicky greens, baked inside a pastry crust, and drizzled with a cayenne-laced hollandaise sauce. This dish is the star of Ziegler’s brunch menu, and it’s got more than enough dazzle to cap off a post–fishing trip dinner feast.

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