Handgun Control, Inc., Endorses Pappas For Reelection

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What is left of Nelson Shields V’s Handgun Control, Inc., and that begs contributions under the Handgun Control banner but operates as the “Brady Campaign” had endorsed has endorsed Congressman Chris Pappas fir re-election in New Hampshire’s First Congressional District. https://www.wmur.com/article/nh-primary-source-gun-control-groups-brady-bradypac-endorse-pappas-for-reelection-in-nh-01/32692922#

Pappas appears a very young person, without a cluto what gun control has done to his native state. And worse yet, no desire to learn of the billions of dollars those restrictive gun laws have cost the honest and hard working citizens of the State he “represents.”

As you can see, and verify at the link at the end of this paragraph, Once upon a time New Hampshire had one of the lowest violent crime rates anywhere. http://www.disastercenter.com/crime/New%20Hampshire%20crime%20and%20punishment%20statistics.html

Obviously, there was a time when New Hampshire had one of the lowet violent crime and homicide rates on the Planet. But those days ended when gun control came in 1964. Now, under the influence of vast quantities of money, New Hampshire’s violent crime rate is on the rise once again.

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To stop that and to insure your own and your family’s safety, it will be necessaryt to repeal the laws that caused the problem. And that means retiring politicians who think the law abiding commit crimes while criminals would never use a gun for an illegal purpose. Politicians who restrict the gun rights of the law abiding, but do nothing about the trafficking the stolen guns that form the underworld’s armory.

Any citizen who can see that denying access to cheap guns with no “paper trail” to their purchaser is the class of residents who cause the problem, and will pass laws to stop that has no business being in Congress. Or any other lawmaking position.

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