Florida Alert! NRA Warns Leon County Tax Collector over Refusal to Accept CW License Applications

Gun Rights
DATE:  May 23, 2020
TO:      USF & NRA Members and Friends
FROM: Marion P. Hammer
  USF Executive Director
  NRA Past President

Leon County Tax Collector, Doris Maloy, plans to re-open her offices in Leon County on Tuesday, June 1, 2020.  The NRA letter referenced in the article below was sent to her on Friday, May 22, 2020.  This gives Ms. Maloy 10 days to decide whether or not to willfully and knowingly violate Florida law and our constitutional rights when her offices re-open for business. 

With so many new gun owners getting training and seeking licenses so they can adequately protect themselves and their families, Ms. Maloy is knowingly standing in the way of law-abiding citizens who are simply trying to follow the law. 

If you can buy groceries, get a haircut and go to the gym, why on earth is Ms. Maloy refusing to exercise her duty to process applications for Concealed Weapon or Firearm Licenses for law-abiding citizens? 

NRA warns Leon County Tax Collector about not taking concealed weapon permit applications 

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By James Call
USA TODAY NETWORK-Florida Capital Bureau 

The National Rifle Association has taken up arms against the Leon County Tax Collector’s office plan to reopen offices closed last month by the coronavirus.

Tax Collector Doris Maloy has a five-point plan she said enables her to reopen four service centers in the county and offer limited services while practicing social distancing.

But in a three-page letter citing the Florida Constitution, executive orders by Gov. Ron DeSantis, and actions by the Legislature, the group’s Tallahassee-based lobbyist warns Maloy that if they want “to avoid further action,” they better change the plan.

Maloy triggered the standoff with an email blast last week in which she said when the service centers reopen June 1 they will limit interaction between customers and staff.

That includes not processing concealed weapon license applications for first time applicants or conducting driving skills tests.

The email prompted NRA Florida lobbyist Marion Hammer, a past president of the national organization, to write Maloy about the suspension, which Hammer said was a refusal to provide an essential constitutional service.

And, Hammer told Maloy, she does not have the authority to decide which services she provides citizens: “The Legislature has made clear that as an agent of the state, in your capacity as Leon County Tax Collector, you do not have the discretion over whether or not to accept these applications.”….. CLICK HERE TO KEEP READING THE ARTICLE:


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