California Public Safety Committee Approved More Gun Control This Week

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As we discussed previously when the California Legislature was to begin their current session, Gideon Tucker so aptly put it:

“No man’s life, liberty or property are safe while the Legislature is in session.”

This week the Public Safety Committees met and exemplified the above by approving several gun control measures, referring them on to the next committee.

They supported a microstamping bill, increasing FFL fees with more fines, reinforcing Red Flag Laws, and more.

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Regardless of how tone-deaf they may seem on certain issues, these are still YOUR elected representatives, and it’s imperative that they hear from you. 

We’re ready to oppose these measures and more but we’re going to need your help!

Please make use of our forms to Take Action on each of these restrictions. The California Legislature wants to impose these as part of its unending effort to trade our essential liberty for the empty promise of safety.

  1. AB2847 – Microstamping bill
  2. AB2362 – Firearm dealer fines
  3. AB2617 – Strengthening Red Flag GVROs
  4. AB2699 – Handgun Storage Requirements
  5. SB914 – More Restrictions on Loaning a Firearm
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