An Opinion Item States Gun Control Will Not Stop Killings.

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An Opinion “Letter To The Editor” in the Sun says “gun control will not stop the killings . This is of course true. But there is something a great deal more basic gthat simply failure to stop killings. Without exception, every restrictive gun law has driven up violent crime rates, including murder, in proportion to the severity of the law.

Gun control has done this, not once or twicebut 58,173 times out of 57,13 trials. Here is what the last gun ban scheme did to Canada’s homicide rate:

From this chart, youi can see when the gun control drive to create a long gun registry began, and when it was abandoned. The relative intensity of the campaigns to implement a long gun registry, and how much higher Canada’s murder rate is after this effort was discontinued than it was before the registry scheme hit the Parliament, and a good estimate of how high a near total ban on long guns will drive all violent crime rates.

That is a lot of data, but it is all right there in a green border.

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