The Best Way To Build A Fire In The Rain 2018

Survival In The Wild
– Here Is How To Best Build A Fire In The Rain, For Most Northern Woodlands. The Fire Lay Acts As A Screen Against The Rain. Pretty Awesome.
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Welcome To Survival-Russia. One of the very best Outdoors and Survival related communities on YouTube, and yes, It’s a pretty good Channel too 🙂
My name is Lars. I’m From Denmark but I live in Rural Russia now. I live at a Homestead in wild nature surrounded by a huge forest.
On The Survival-Russia channel we do all things related to the Outdoors Lifestyle. I share my thoughts and experiences on Survival Techniques for the woodlands of the Northern Hemisphere. the Reality of Survival. I share Techniques and ways of the Siberian Tribesmen and the Russian Longhunters of the older days. Things not shown outside of Russia very much.
On this Channel we also do Off-Road driving, Vehicle builds, Metal Detecting, all things Outdoors basically. Enjoy!
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