DIY – Survival / Bug Out – Hunting Fishing Cooking Kit – SERE Sling Bow / SlingShot – “First Look”

Survival Tips
Check Out this NEW Bug Out Bag – EDC – Food Kit – YOU Can Build and Take with You Anywhere! Includes: Mini-Sling Bow for Hunting, DIY Survival Kit, Emergency Food, Cook Set, Fishing Kit, Snares Kit, Ammo and it ALL Packs into a MOLLE Water Pouch.

SEE LIST of ALL the Gear Shown in this Video (BELOW)…

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HERE Are LINKS to ALL the Gear Mentioned in this Video:

– Condor Kit Pouch:

– GSI Stainless Steel Cup:

– Stanley Camp Cook Kit:

– 4 Ounce Gas Canister:

– Compact Stove Burner:

– Uncle Flint’s Survival Fishing Kit:

Hunting SLING Shots (Pick 1)
– Sling Shot Band:

– Top Shot Sling Shot:

– SERE Sling Shot:

– .38 Caliber Sling Shot Ammo

– .44 Caliber Sling Shot Ammo

– .50 Caliber Sling Shot Ammo:

OTHER Items in this Kit…

– Peanut Butter Packets:

– Heavy Duty Foil:

– Mini Salt and Pepper Shaker:

– Small Sugar / Salt Container:

– Camp Soap:

– Cooking Oil:

– Scrubbing Pad:

– Coffee Beans:

– Earl Gray Tea:

– High Protein Oatmeal:

– Trail Mix:

– Stainless Steel Knife-Fork-Spoon:

– Lighter:

– Duct Tape:

– Exotac FireRod:

– Cotton Balls:

– 4- Blade Old Timer Knife:

– MagLite Solitaire:

– AAA Batteries:

– Uncle Flint’s Survival Snares

– Survival Metrics – Snare/Fishing/Sewing Kit

– Snare Wire:

– Quart Sized Freezer Bags:

– Carbon Arrows (Before Made Into 3-Piece Take-Down Arrows):


LINK to EDC Survival Water Kit Video:


LINKS to the OTHER STUFF Shown in the Video:

David’s Neck Knife:

David’s BEST Outdoor / Survival Pants:

David’s Favorite Paracord Belt:


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Here’s the AUDIO and VIDEO Gear that David and the Team Use to Shoot Our Videos:


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CRKT Paracord Bracelet Tool:

Zippo Emergency Firestarter:

Hedge Hog Leatherworks Survival Sheath:

OKC Blackbird SK5 Survival Knife:

Bear Grylls Survival Card Tool:


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Thanks for hangin’ out!


Our FTC Disclosure:


Thanks for hangin’ out!

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