20 MAGPUL 30-Round PMAG GEN M2 MOE 2×10-pack $205.98 FREE S&H Options

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20 Magpul MAGPUL 30-Round PMAG GEN M2 MOE 2x10-pack Deal
20 MAGPUL 30-Round PMAG GEN M2 MOE 2×10-pack Deal

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Brownells has a sale on 20 MAGPUL 30-Round PMAG GEN M2 MOE magazines, 2×10 packs, for $205.98 after a coupon code and with FREE shipping for Brownells Edge Members. That is $10.30 each and that is a great price with the FREE shipping for these rifle mags in today’s market. Don’t believe me? Check prices here and here or here.

To get this deal working you need to add two 10 packs to your cart and then apply the coupon code “L6V”. Check out our cart image below to see how we did it.

Dependable & Nearly Indestructible; Store Fully Loaded Without Loss Of Reliability.kjsaZXCVBNM,.4Buy Now Gun Deals

Exceptionally rugged, combat- and competition-ready magazine functions flawlessly, even when left fully loaded for extended periods. Corrosion-proof, self-lubricating one-piece body of fiber-reinforced, molded polymer has no spot welds or joints to impair the follower, and the constant internal curve ensures smooth, unobstructed movement of the round stack. Anti-tilt follower stabilizes the stack to help prevent nose-diving and bolt-over-head failures. Heat-treated, stainless steel spring is stress-relieved for optimal performance. Withstands the heat from prolonged full-auto fire and is not harmed by most bore cleaners and solvents. Exterior ribbing provides added gripping surface; magazine catch notch, rather than a traditional hole, keeps dirt and debris out. Easy-to-grasp ledge on floorplate aids in extracting magazine from pouches; floorplate removes easily for cleaning. All models available in Black. DO NOT COME WITH DUST COVERS.

20 Magpul 30-Round PMAG GEN M2 MOE 2×10-pack $205.98 FREE S&H Options

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20 MAGPUL 30-Round PMAG GEN M2 MOE 2×10-pack Deal Cart Check 03/20/2020:

20 Magpul MAGPUL 30-Round PMAG GEN M2 MOE 2x10-pack Deal Cart Check
20 MAGPUL 30-Round PMAG GEN M2 MOE 2×10-pack Deal Cart Check

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