Federal Releases Champion Training 30 Super Carry Ammo

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Federal Releases Champion Training 30 Super Carry Ammo

Need some range ammo for your 30 Super Carry pistol? Federal Ammunition has just added a load to its Champion Training line.

Federal Ammunition released its newest handgun cartridge, 30 Super Carry, in 2022. If you were one of its early adopters, you should be pleased to hear that Federal has just added 30 Super Carry to its Champion Training line. Whenever a new cartridge is released to the public it always takes some time before a wide variety of different ammo types become available for it, so Federal’s introduction of this relatively affordable and easy-to-shoot load should make finding ammo to train with that much easier.


The Federal Champion Training 30 Super Carry load features a 90-grain FMJ bullet with an advertised muzzle velocity of 1,300 fps. Federal says that it produces less recoil than its 100-grain American Eagle load of 30 SC and should provide a more comfortable shooting experience and facilitate longer training sessions.

Chris Laack, the Federal Handgun Ammunition Product Manager, said this about the new load:

Our American Eagle 30 Super Carry 100-grain training load is already a light recoiling, easy-to-shoot load, even though it’s matched to our Personal Defense HST 100-grain load to deliver the same feel and point of impact … However, this new lighter-weight Champion Training 30 Super Carry 90-grain load feels even easier, softer, less recoiling, and more fun to shoot.

Champion Training 30 Super Carry ammo is available now, comes in boxes of 50 and has an MSRP of $33.99 per box.

For more information, visit federalpremium.com.

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