First Look: Ruger American Generation II Rifles

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First Look: Ruger American Generation II Rifles

We check out the new Ruger American Generation II family of bolt-action rifles, featuring 47 configurations in 20 calibers.

The original Ruger American series of bolt-action rifles have been incredibly popular hunting guns since they were first released over 10 years ago. Now, under the new title of Ruger American Generation II, the line is receiving some welcome updates inspired by customer feedback.

Ruger American Gen II Ranch.

The Ruger American Gen II lineup currently features 47 rifle configurations in 20 different chambering options. Those are split across three categories including Standard, Predator and Ranch. Things like caliber, barrel length and finish vary between the rifles in each category, but at their core, all are fundamentally the same.

Ruger American Gen II Standard.

As for the customer-inspired updates that can be found on all Ruger American Gen II rifles, they include a pre-installed (and removable) low comb for a better sight picture when using a scope, an oversized bolt handle (5/16×24) and a new three-position tang safety that locks the bolt and allows the rifle to be loaded with the safety engaged. The rifles feature Generation II American splatter-finished stocks that are adjustable for both length of pull and comb height, and their receivers, barrels, bolt handles and muzzle brakes all receive a Cerakote finish.

Ruger American Gen II Predator.

Speaking of muzzle brakes, some other features that appear to be mostly universal across the Gen II line include threaded barrels with factory-installed radial muzzle brakes, spiral-fluted barrels and user-adjustable triggers. Details like the barrel length, magazine style and available chamberings vary between models, so check out the full lineup to see all the options. MSRP is $729 and they’re available now.

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