Holosun Launches DRS-NV Night Vision Red Dot Sight

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Holosun Launches DRS-NV Night Vision Red Dot Sight

Holosun has just released the highly anticipated DRS-NV, a red dot and night vision fusion rifle optic.

Originally unveiled at SHOT Show 2023, Holosun has finally launched its highly anticipated DRS-NV. The optic is a red dot sight with integrated digital night vision capabilities, and the results are very impressive.


The Holosun DRS-NV combines a standard rifle red dot sight with a 1024×768 resolution digital night vision sensor and overlay system. This means that it can be used as both a normal red dot sight in daylight conditions as well as a digital night vision reflex sight in low light. It uses Holosun’s Multi-Reticle System that lets you choose between a 2-MOA dot, a 65-MOA circle and a combo circle-dot. When in digital night vision mode, the optic is capable of up to a 60-fps overlay refresh rate, digital zoom up to 8x and recording video to its 32GB of on-board storage. The DRS-NV is powered by two 18350 Li-ion rechargeable batteries that can run for up to 8 hours, and they’re charged via the included USB cable that can also be used to download your videos to a PC. A wrench, multi-tool and lens cloth are included as well.

This photo was taken through a prototype DRS-NV at SHOT Show 2023 in a well-lit area.

Further, at the time of writing, each purchase of a DRS-NV will include a way to redeem a free IR head for Holosun’s upcoming RAID rifle light. MSRP is $1,176.46 and it’s available now.

For more information, please visit holosun.com.

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