Colorado Day Hike Gear Load Out – What I Carried and Used

Survival Gear
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You may have seen some of Susan and I’s day hikes in Colorado and in this video I will be going over all of the gear which I personally carried and used on those hikes.

This will answer many of the questions which you may have had but if you have more, feel free to email me;

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Savotta Minijääkäri Pack :

MSR Pocket Rocket 2 :

Toaks Pot :

My Backpacking Colorado Gear Loadout :

I have other videos for some of the other products so search the channel if you want more information.

Pack : Savotta Minijääkäri
Stove : MSR Pocket Rocket 2
Pot : Toaks Titanium Pot 750ml with bail handle.
Cups : Titanium Cups – One is from MSR and the other is from mountain laurel designs
Silverware : Titanium Long Spoons (2)

Fire Kit is Important : If you get stuck outside overnight, you need a way to get a fire going to stay warm if you don’t plan to carry a lot of clothing. The temps on the mountains at night can dip down to freezing at times so you have to be prepared to make it through the night.

Power Kits
Head Lamps : Extra Batteries – Just in case things don’t go according to plan and you find yourself hiking at night.

Battery Banks for Phones : Anker – This is to keep your phone charged if you are using a mapping program to record your trek or for GPS needs.
Charging Cable

First Aid Kit with Ibuprofen (sinus pills)
Knives – pocket Knife
Bug Spray – You will need this in the summer as the mosquitoes can be brutal! They are burly and don’t mind the color temps either. Deet seems to work the best! Ticks are a concern of course.

Carry a large plastic bag inside of your pack just in case it starts raining. This way your gear is fully protected. This is important. The weather in the Rockies can turn quickly so don’t get caught with your pants down!

Water bottle : Hydroblue – Review coming soon.
Backup water treatment tablets

Tips : Study up on the trails that you plan to hike and figure out how frequent water fillups are going to be. You can cut a lot of weight from your pack by having to carry less water if it is in abundance.

Clothing :
Shoes – Vasque Mantra 2.0
Outdoor Research Ferrosi Hoody – Great to break the wind and block minor moisture
– Down jacket just in case the weather makes a turn

Hat to shield your face from the sun.

Tip : Even with hat, cover up with sun block especially if you plan to hike on snow.

Tip : Wear Sunblock chapstick…You do not want sunburned lips. I haven’t had this happen to me and it is incredibly painful!

Tip : Sunglasses are a must especially if you are hiking on snow. Snow blindness is also incredibly painful – YOU DON’T WANT THAT TO HAPPEN!
Sunblock cream for face, ears, neck.
Lips too.
Maps loaded on All Trails App. Downloaded so I can use off line with GPS.
Had paper map backups along with a compass! Very important especially when going off trail like Susan and I did. Please do not go off trail unless you are very proficient with route navigation, map reading and location acquiring.

Emergency Shelter for Afternoon thunderstorms
Not only protection from the rain but from the hail which can be intense in that part of the country.

Simple Tarp From Integral Designs )siltarp 1 which has been absorbed by the company Rab. If you want to buy one of these now, look for Rab Siltarp 1. Light weight, strong, good for emergency use.


This is up to you of course but Susan and I would bring crackers and easy to make chicken salad. If you are not accustomed to high elevation hiking, mountain sickness or elevation sickness may be an issue. For that, go slow with your hiking, eat lots of carbs, take ibuprofen. If possible, break for camp early, take a nap.

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