Jon Stewart officially a ‘wokester’— left out KEY details on crime in Democrat-run cities

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Jon Stewart was once what people might call a “liberal.” Now, he’s just like all the others who abandoned their integrity to go off the “woke” deep end.

“He’s no longer a liberal, he is just sort of a ‘wokester,’” Dave Rubin says, before showing a clip of Stewart attempting to debunk the GOP’s city crime narrative.

“It’s the dang Democrat-encouraged crime. It’s one of the right’s favorite talking points, not just from Milwaukee but for all Democratic run cities,” Stewart mocked. “Those cities are crime-infested holes where life is miserable and everyone hates everybody.”

“By the way, it does turn out that crime is actually down,” he continued, before referencing a clip of Lester Holt claiming that the FBI reported the nation’s violent crime rate has dropped dramatically this year.

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“It’s all a misunderstanding; but now that the FBI numbers are out, I’m sure that the right-wing media will adjust accordingly,” Stewart mocked again, sharing a clip of a Fox News host saying that cities still have a poor quality of life while a video of a car doing donuts plays in the background.

“He’s making the reverse point of the point he’s trying to make. He’s showing, ‘Oh these guys are doing double donuts.’ Yes, it’s illegal and people can be killed,” Rubin comments.

But that’s not all.

The reason Stewart is able to regurgitate those FBI numbers is because a large portion of crime is never reported to the FBI in the first place.

According to a report by the NRA Institute for Legislative Action, 37% of police departments stopped reporting crime data to the FBI, including large departments for Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York.

For other jurisdictions like Baltimore and Nashville, crimes are being underreported or undercounted.

“So, again, we can all argue about the percentages and everything else, but we simply know that in Republican-run cities you cannot run into a CVS and steal all of the stuff,” Rubin says.

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