Delaware: House Passes Legislation to Restrict Firearms on College Campuses and Properties!

Gun Rights

Yesterday, the House of Representatives passed House Bill 311, restricting firearms on college campuses and college-owned properties, even for concealed carry permit holders. This legislation now goes to the Senate Judiciary Commitee, where it will receive a hearing ahead of a possible floor vote. Please contact committee members by using the Take Action button below and urge them to OPPOSE this legislation.

HB 311 could lead to confusion among concealed carry permit holders who may not realize they are on property owned by a college or university. HB 311 adds all colleges and universities to the Safe School Zone criminal offense so that any person who knowingly possesses a firearm while in or on a college or university campus or property may be charged with an additional offense. Under Delaware’s definition of a firearm, anyone found in possession of an airsoft or paintball gun would be guilty of violating this law. A person convicted under this section will be guilty of a Class E felony and will permanently lose their Second Amendment rights.

Again, we urge you to contact the committee members to oppose HB 311. Please continue to check your inbox and NRA-ILA for updates concerning your Second Amendment rights and hunting heritage.

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