Letters to the Editor: Hunter Biden’s 2nd Amendment rights are under assault. Where’s the NRA?

Gun Rights

To the editor: Thanks to MAGA Republicans’ constant drumbeat over Hunter Biden, I can finally sleep well. (“Hunter Biden found guilty of three felony charges in gun case,” June 11)

At last, a person deemed too dangerous to own a gun (for 11 days, seven years ago after lying on a form) has been properly shamed and publicly humiliated in a court of law! Found guilty! I am sure he will never be able to own a gun again.

Now, the MAGA Republicans can glory without losing their “A” and “A+” ratings from the National Rifle Assn.!

Now they can get back to refusing to work on any reasonable compromise on something so irrational as universal background checks after school massacres and mass shootings because — heavens! — that might endanger someone’s 2nd Amendment rights.

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Yes, I will sleep easier tonight.

Stacey Cole, Lancaster


To the editor: After Donald Trump’s New York criminal trial, President Biden seemed to take particular delight in calling the former president a “convicted felon.”

Now Trump can return the favor and label Hunter Biden, the president’s only living son, a convicted felon.

Only in America!

David Tulanian, Henderson, Nev.


To the editor: This is exactly the sort of case that the NRA and our Republican leadership would use as a prime example of the infringement of our rights under the 2nd Amendment — that is, if the defendant were not so closely tied to the sitting president, who is a Democrat and running for reelection.

David Weiss, the prosecutor in the case, said that no one in this country is above the law, even this defendant. And he’s right.

However, I remember a very different prosecution in 2021 for Kyle Rittenhouse, who shot three people (killing two of them) after arriving at a Black Lives Matter protest in Wisconsin armed with an assault rifle.

When Rittenhouse faced prosecution — because no one is above the law — he was celebrated by Republicans as a hero. Donations were made on behalf of his defense, and before the trial began Judge Bruce Schroeder said Rittenhouse’s illegal possession of the rifle would not be a factor in the case.

Is this what we mean by the phrase “justice is blind”?

Sarah Vogel, Laguna Beach

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