Biden’s achievements undermined by growing perception gaps

Gun Rights

Here’s one of my fears with regards to the Biden administration’s approach to winning re election. I think they might be focusing too much on what they’ve accomplished, which bear with me. I mean, that’s obviously significant, but it might not be reflecting back to Americans an accurate picture of how they feel in their day to day lives.

So even though the administration can cite upticks in the economy, Americans don’t feel them. Even though the admin the administration can say, you know, look, inflation is slowing. Americans are still feeling that they’re paying too much for too little. They’re frustrated, and they feel like nothing is being done to alleviate those frustrations. So, perhaps and this is just a thought and effective approach would be to take the salient issues, issues that matter to everyday Americans across party lines, and emphasize what Trump will do with them. Because it’s not good.

It take gun rights. According to Pew Research, six out of 10 Americans believe that gun violence is a quote very big problem in the US and favor stricter gun laws. 61% believe that it is too easy to obtain a gun in this country. About a third of parents with children ages K through 12 are either very or extremely worried about their child experiencing a shooting at their school.

Americans love their guns, this is true. But they by and large, don’t want unfettered across the board access to them. And they need to understand that this is precisely what Donald Trump is proposing, not because he cares about guns or their owners for that matter, but because he thinks it’s a politically expedient thing to do.

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At the most recent annual meeting of the NRA, Donald Trump pledged to support the organization. He said that the right to gun ownership was quote, under siege, and promised to roll back the gun control measures created under the Biden administration. He said that he’ll fire the Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and Explosives on day one of his administration.

In my second term, he said we will rollback every Biden attack on the Second Amendment.

And what were these attacks? Well, in 2022, President Biden succeeded in passing the bipartisan Safer Communities Act, which expanded background checks. In 2023, he established the first ever White House Office of gun violence prevention. In an effort to reduce gun violence nationwide. He continually calls on Congress to require safe storage of firearms or firearms.

He continually calls on Congress to require safe storage of firearms, reduce access to assault weapons and put into place other measures that let me restate are tremendously popular with the American people. Biden is not trying to take guns away. He’s trying to make gun ownership safe or at least safer. And God knows our country needs that. Trump does not care about you my the country’s safety at all he cares about the NRA is endorsement. And guess what?

He got it

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