Donald Trump: Congress has not done enough to prevent mass shootings

Gun Rights

Donald Trump energized a friendly audience at the NRA convention in Dallas.

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Before the former president took the stage, he talked one-on-one with FOX 4’s Steven Dial.

[DIAL: “In a couple of days it is the two-year anniversary of the Uvalde mass shooting. Do you think Congress has done enough in terms of preventing future mass shootings?”]

“No, they haven’t. They’re not doing their job. The Democrats are holding everything up. We can’t let this happen in our country,” Trump replied.

It’s not clear what legislation Mr. Trump was referring to, but in 2022, a majority of Democrats, along with some Republicans, including Texas Senator John Cornyn, passed the Safer Communities Act.

The bill expanded background checks for gun buyers under 21.

It was the first federal gun safety legislation in decades.

[DIAL: What does Congress need to do? Do you support raising the minimum age to purchase high-powered rifles?”]

“What we have to do, and I think more important than anything else, we have to make sure that our people are safe and that really it’s almost the state of mind you have to. We have to have a police department where they’re giving back their dignity, where they’re giving back their authority to do things,” Trump replied.

The Republican presidential nominee never addressed whether he supported raising the age to buy high-powered rifles.

Instead, he wants to give greater immunity from prosecution to police officers.

“I’m going to be making it safer and better, much, much better actually, for police to do the job. We’re going to be giving them a form of immunities so that if they stop the bad guy, they are not going to lose their home, their family, all of the things that are happening to police,” Trump said.

US President Donald Trump waves upon arrival, alongside Attorney General of Texas Ken Paxton (L) in Dallas, Texas, on June 11, 2020, where he will host a roundtable with faith leaders and small business owners. (Photo by Nicholas Kamm / AFP) (Photo b

Texas attorney general Ken Paxton is a close ally of the former president.

Mr. Trump would not rule out Paxton as a potential choice for U.S. Attorney General if he is re-elected.

“He’s very, very talented. We have a lot of people who want that one and will be very good at it,” Trump said of Paxton.

As for November, the former president says the election will come down to the economy and border security.

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