NRA’s Membership and Revenue Plunge Amid Legal Troubles

Gun Rights

The National Rifle Association, once a dominant force in American politics, is witnessing a significant decline in membership and revenue, according to recent reports. The organization, which has been a staunch advocate for Second Amendment rights since 1871, has seen its membership drop to less than half of the 10 million members it projected in 2013. The NRA’s revenue has also taken a hit, with a 52% drop in overall revenue and a nearly 59% drop in membership dues since 2016.

Legal Troubles

The NRA’s waning influence is not just due to dwindling membership and funds. The organization has been embroiled in legal troubles since 2020, with a lawsuit from New York Attorney General Letitia James alleging misuse of donations by top officials for personal gain. The NRA’s attempts to dismiss the lawsuit have been rejected three times, and its bankruptcy filing was deemed not in good faith by a Texas court.

Gun Control Groups Celebrate

Gun control advocates are hailing the NRA’s decline as a victory. Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action, and Kris Brown, president of Brady, both expressed their belief that the NRA’s financial and moral bankruptcy is a positive development for gun safety in America. Recent polls show that a majority of Americans favor stricter gun control laws and believe it is too easy to legally obtain a gun.

Other Organizations Rise Up

Despite the NRA’s struggles, other gun rights groups are stepping up to fill the void. The National Association for Gun Rights and The Second Amendment Foundation are among those gaining traction. Meanwhile, gun ownership in the U.S. remains high, with 45% of households owning at least one firearm in 2022.

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