Vermont: Gun-Controllers Are Abandoning Their Rural Roots

Gun Rights

Have you seen the NRA’s latest column in the Rutland Herald? The piece, titled, “Gun-control legislation,” dives into the current state of Vermont politics.

From the column:

“One might ponder: How do such stringent gun-control measures find approval in Vermont? It’s straightforward — The gun-controllers are abandoning their rural roots. But, many rural Democrats have stood on principle and diverged from party leadership to uphold Second Amendment rights. However, their influence seems to be waning, overshadowed by politicians who choose to pander to major donors than stand with everyday Vermonters.”

Over the past decade, progressive politicians have sold the rights of Vermont citizens away to the highest bidder. As we approach another legislative session and election year, it is time for Vermonters to stand up and make their voice heard. Click the Take Action button below to challenge your lawmakers to vote with their community, not progressive political bosses.

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Despite being one of the safest states in the country, these progressive politicians continue to pass laws to restrict your Second Amendment rights. Thankfully for Vermont residents, the NRA’s State Affiliate, the Vermont Federation of Sportsmen’s Club, is challenging unconstitutional laws in Vermont. To learn more about their efforts, click here.

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