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Silencer Central and Buck Commander have partnered to release the BUCK 30 by BANISH, an affordable .30-caliber suppressor for deer hunting.

Brand collaborations are often mere marketing schemes, but sometimes they show actual thought put into the product being developed. The new BUCK 30 by BANISH suppressor, a joint venture between Silencer Central and Buck Commander, appears to be the latter. Designed specifically with deer hunting in mind, the BUCK 30 offers everything a deer hunter needs in a suppressor for a reasonable price.


A .30-caliber suppressor, the BUCK 30 is rated from .17 HMR to .300 Win. Mag., meaning that it can be used to take more types of game than just deer. However, deer hunters may especially appreciate the can’s stainless steel, laser-welded construction that offers both impressive durability and noise reduction. Silencer Central says that with a BUCK 30 installed, it will reduce the report of an 18-inch .308 rifle to 131 dB thanks to its eight baffles.


The new hunting suppressor is also relatively compact and lightweight, as the unit itself has an overall length of 6.9 inches, a diameter of 1.54 inches and a weight of 13.8 ounces. As for attaching the suppressor, it can use either an industry-standard hub mounting system or a direct-thread mount in one of several thread pitches. Available pitches include 5/8×24, 1/2×28, .578×28, 11/16×24, 3/4×24 and M16x1RH.

Brandon Maddox, CEO of Silencer Central, said this about the new suppressor:

The BUCK 30 embodies hunting innovation, combining the thrill of the hunt with the sound of silence … We are proud to have worked with the Buck Commander team to create this exceptional product. Hunting suppressed improves accuracy and reduces recoil, making the new BUCK 30 the perfect silencer for deer hunters everywhere.

MSRP for the BUCK 30 by BANISH is $699 and it’s available now.

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