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Congress must address gun violence

The Republicans’ answer to gun violence is the Second Amendment, and “everyone has the right to protect themselves.” So, the three persons killed by AR-15 in Jacksonville were at fault for not having their AR-15s with them. They also implied gun control is not the solution but mental health is the main problem. Yet, President Obama’s gun control plan, which included increasing access to mental health services, was revoked by Trump as his first action upon taking power. Under the Constitution “every human being has the right to life, liberty and the security of his person.” It is the responsibility of members of Congress to guarantee that right by standing up to the NRA and passing common sense gun laws.

Mario Signorello, Port St Lucie

Our View: Red-flagging troubled individuals; a common sense countermeasure to gun violence | Editorial

Scary times call for informed citizens

For some reason a group of oligarchs and ideologues who feel only they can tell Americans when to procreate, when to put their health in danger and when to listen to a physician. But, let the politicians who get money from those oligarchs and ideologues tell me when I need a procedure? It’s not their business. Roe v Wade worked. Why did they mess with it? Citizens United ruined our country. If we don’t keep the Democrats and progressives in our government, you will learn the hard way what freedoms they want to take away. Luckily the youth have seen that they must vote. Be an informed voter. Watch carefully so our country isn’t run by these people who literally want our country to be one religion dominated by one race. Scary times. Yet, I believe in “We The People.”

Deb Meyer, Lake Worth

Impeaching Biden, weaponizing government

It was not “weaponizing government” to impeach a president for threatening to delay the delivery of congressionally approved military armaments unless a foreign leader opened an investigation into Joe Biden. It was not “weaponizing government” to impeach a president for leading a violent revolt to prevent the democratically approved transfer of power to Joe Biden. It was not “weaponizing government” to indict Mr. Trump for refusing to return classified documents illegally taken when he was finally forced to vacate his office. It was not “weaponizing government” to indict Mr. Trump for demanding that Georgia’s secretary of state “find” him enough votes to overturn the election results in that state.

Republicans have been looking for years for what the hapless and craven Kevin McCarthy calls a “culture of corruption” surrounding the Biden family. They have found none, nor will they. Accordingly, there is no better example of “weaponizing government” than the decision to open a doomed “impeachment inquiry” simply to placate the quivering mass of grievances and failures that is Donald Trump.

Michael K. Cantwell, Delray Beach

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