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Stacey Tinsley, Bossier Press-Tribune

[Editor’s Note: This is a continuing series profiling all candidates seeking political office in the Bossier Parish elections coming up this Fall.]

In the upcoming October 14, 2023 election, Bossier Parish residents in Louisiana Senate District 31 will vote on who they want to represent them as their state senator in Baton Rouge for the next four years. Louisiana State Senate District 31 is a revamped senate district which is new to Bossier Parish. State Senate District 31 is a large district which now spans all or parts of 10 parishes in north and central Louisiana, making it the largest senate district in the state in terms of geographic area.

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In the race for State Senate District 31, voters will choose between Mike McConathy (R-Natchitoches) and Alan Seabaugh (R-Shreveport).

Mike McConathy:

Mike McConathy has been married to his wife Connie Herrmann for 45 years. They have two sons, Michael and his wife Lindsey who have one son (Leo), and Logan and his wife Lyndzee who have three children Miles, Miller and Mikah.

McConathy graduated from Airline High School in 1973. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Louisiana Tech (1977) and Master of Science degree from Northwestern State University (1984).

McConathy lived in Bossier City for 40 years. He started the basketball program at Bossier Parish Community College where he remained as the long time head coach of the men’s basketball team. At the age of 44, he moved to Northwestern State University in Natchitoches to become the head coach for the men’s basketball team. During his time in Bossier, McConathy also coached at Airline High School and Bossier High School.

McConathy was raised in First Baptist Church in Bossier City. He now attends First Baptist Church in Natchitoches.


  1. Why do you want to run for the political office you are seeking?

I want to serve the People of District 31. I have spent a lifetime in the area of teaching and serving people and I feel I have a great deal more to give to the 10 parish areas of District 31. I want to serve with the same passion, pride and determination that I exemplified when I taught and coached the BPCC and NSU men’s basketball programs for 39 years.

  1. If elected, please tell us what your priorities will be?

I will only make one promise: I will work very hard everyday to make District 31 a better place to live, work, attend church and raise a family. Economy, economy, economy = jobs, jobs, jobs. If we want corporations to come invest in our district and state, we must have safe streets. We must strongly support all of our local law enforcement agencies to allow their individual agencies to have an impact on lowering crime. Education is the key to taking three and four year olds from poverty to an avenue of prosperity at eighteen to twenty three years old. Investment is essential in early childhood education to continue to bring our reading levels back up to the pre-Covid levels. We must continue to provide skilled training in areas that make students job-ready after high school. More technical training is needed to encourage students to follow more of a career track rather than a college track. Bossier and Caddo have excellent programs at BPCC and Northwest Louisiana Technical Community College and we must utilize the excellent programs we have in place.

  1. There are several issues that are important to Bossier residents: transportation, economic development, infrastructure, etc. How will you go about ensuring that these issues of importance are addressed in your area and in Bossier Parish?

Let us take a hard look at the positive things in District 31 and Bossier Parish:

  1. The families of District 31 are genuine and hardworking.
  2. We need the cooperation and support of Barksdale Air Force, which has been a strong staple to this area’s economy and the retirees that call Bossier City their home.
  3. We need the continued support of our strong public education system in Bossier Parish.
  4. We need to use good government to continue to bring strong business interest to the Port in the Bossier/Shreveport area.
  5. We need to maximize what is in place and continue to work together to use the available resources to improve our infrastructure.
  6. We need to work hand and hand with local officials to develop a plan to continue to improve infrastructure to give it an advantage over other areas where we are competing for jobs and protect the investment that South Bossier homeowners have made in their community.
  7. We need to maintain our current infrastructure.

4. Why should someone vote for you?

The time for change is now and I AM THAT CHANGE! All my life, I have possessed the God given ability to rally people to work together for the common good of all people involved. We must change our approach and be there for each other to advance and improve our district, state, cities, towns and villages. Give me the chance to help us change! We cannot be satisfied with the same political rhetoric we have heard for the last 60 years. It is your choice!

Alan Seabaugh:

Alan Seabaugh has been married to his wife Laura for 30 years. Together they have four daughters and one granddaughter. Seabaugh is a committed Christian who has served in the Louisiana House of Representatives since 2010.

He is currently chairman of the Louisiana Freedom Caucus. In the past, he has served as chairman of the Louisiana Conservative Caucus. He is currently a member of the Shreveport-Bossier Military Affairs Council and is a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association.

Seaubaugh is also an attorney and small business owner.


  1. Why do you want to run for the political office you are seeking?

Northwest Louisiana needs strong leadership in the Louisiana Senate. When the new governor takes office, it is going to be important to have people in place, representing us that are prepared for the challenges facing us, and ready to step in on day one.

During my time in the Louisiana House of Representatives, I have seen poor leadership from the governor on down, resulting in Louisiana taking many steps backwards. I am running for state Senate because I have an understanding of the problems facing Louisiana, the knowledge of how to fix them, and the ability to get it done.

2. If elected, please tell us what your priorities will be?

Jobs and the economy: We must get Louisiana working again. That starts with good high-paying jobs for Louisiana citizens in Louisiana (not in Texas) so that no more of our friends or relatives have to move to Dallas in order to support their families.

Crime: We have got to give law-enforcement the tools that they need to stem the out of control growth of violent crime. We also need to take a long, hard look at our criminal justice system, and correct the many problems, which allow violent criminals to go free and prevent victims from receiving justice.

Roads: The condition of Louisiana’s roads is an embarrassment. We need to turn the Department of Transportation and Development upside down and inside out. We need to keep the people who are doing the work and replace the others with people who want to work. The money is there, we just need responsible, competent people in the right position to get it done.

Education: We can’t truly address the jobs and employment problems in Louisiana without adequately funding and administering our K-12 education system. Some parishes (like Bossier) are doing a good job and manage their schools well. Others are woefully behind. All could stand improvement.

A focus on technical education which makes students “job ready“ when they graduate high school is very cost efficient and beneficial to everyone involved. Also, we need a renewed focus on reading, literacy and basic math skills to make sure that our students are leaving the public education system with the skills they need to thrive.

High insurance rates: The excessive cost of insurance in Louisiana is a hidden “tax“ placed on Louisiana citizens primarily for the benefit of the billboard lawyers. We have got to put a focus on Louisiana’s civil justice system so that we can put some savings in the pockets of Louisiana citizens rather than the trial lawyers.

  1. There are several issues that are important to Bossier residents: transportation, economic development, infrastructure, etc. How will you go about ensuring that these issues of importance are addressed in your area and in Bossier Parish?

North Louisiana is never going to out vote South Louisiana. Addressing the needs of North Louisiana is going to require someone with the relationships with Representatives and Senators from around the state to make sure that there is “buy in” to fix our problems from people outside of our area. I have developed those relationships during my time in Baton Rouge and I can put that experience and those relationships to work on day one. This is no time for on the job training.

  1. Why should someone vote for you?

I am asking for your vote because I am the best candidate for Louisiana State Senate District 31. I have the most consistently conservative voting record in the Louisiana legislature. I have the experience and knowledge to step in as a leader in the Louisiana Senate on day one. And I keep my promises!

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