Connecticut: Gov. Lamont Signs Major Gun Control Bill

Gun Rights

On Tuesday, anti-gun Gov. Ned Lamont inked his signature on more Second Amendment restrictions in Connecticut.  The Governor signed H.6667 which contained several firearm restrictions, including a ban on open carry and the adoption of gun rationing, limiting a person to 3 pistols per month.  The bill also bans and requires registration of Connecticut “others” and ’94 prebans.  The Legislature didn’t stop there.  This terrible bill also has restrictive mandatory storage provisions, additional FFL regulations and body armor purchase restrictions.  

While serious about attacking law-abiding citizens, the anti-gun Legislature and Governor seem less concerned about enforcing the laws already on the books.  This is yet another glaring reminder that elections have consequences.  As we enter an important election year in 2024, we will be here ready to remind you of those who continue to attack our Second Amendment.  

Thank you to all the NRA members who continue to fight for our rights and contacted their legislators.  Please continue to follow these NRA-alerts for the latest developments as the Connecticut Legislature looks to wrap up its session for the year.  

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