Best NEW .22 Survival Air Rifle for Hunting / Self-Defense? Black Bunker – FIRST LOOK.

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▶︎ David goes BEHIND THE SCENES for this SNEAK PEEK look at the BLACK BUNKER. Is it the Best New .22 caliber Survival Air Rifle of 2023?
Let us know what YOU think in the comments below… (More info on Black Bunker below)…

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– More Info on Black Bunker –
We are talking about the brand new, compact Air Rifle from Core Outdoors – The Black Bunker BM8, a .22 caliber high velocity Survival Air Rifle. This innovative design is perfect for your survival gear kit both for Self-Defense as well as for hunting.

Is it the BEST? Join David as he goes over the specs and details with Martin, and decide for yourself!

The vision of Black Bunker is to create superior tactical survival gear to companion and protect the vigilant citizen in urban and wilderness environments. Black Bunker is a Kore Outdoor band. Find Out More about this Survival Air Rifle by checking out:

DAVID is the Founder of Ultimate Survival Tips & Tiny Survival, Author of Tiny Survival Guide, Designer of MSK-1 Knife System.

00:00 Introduction
01:02 At Shot Show 2023 with Martin
01:41 An Inside Look at the Black Bunker Air Rifle
02:21 It’s Quiet, and The Ammo Is Inexpensive
02:42 Unfolding the Black Bunker Air Rifle
04:21 Survival Knife/Bayonet in the Case
05:23 Find Out More About the Black Bunker Survival Air Gun and Release Dates
06:20 A Closer Look at the Black Bunker Survival Air Rifle
06:45 Find Out More About Ultimate Survival Tips

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