10 DAYS IN THE WILD! Bushcraft Skills, Living off the Land, Hail Storms! FOREST FIRES! Float Planes!

Survival Skills
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Come along on this incredible 10 day journey.
This is a redux of the stranded series that Kyle and I took part in summer of 2019
The original series was 4 or 5 parts and I commissioned someone to edit them all down into one very watchable movie!
With everyone at home, I thought it would be a great time to have this made and put out there for you guys to enjoy!
We get dropped off in the wild by float plane, we originally were going to do an 8 day wilderness fishing canoe trip, but the hailstorms and forest fires had a different plan, and extended our stay to a cool 10 days in the wild!
We literally live off the land and water after our food supply runs out.
I hope you folks enjoy this epic movie.
Thanks, and stay safe!
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