Vigorpool Captain 1200 – The Best Power Station in 2023?

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Vigorpool Captain 1200 – The Best Power Station in 2023?
VigorPool Captain 1200 Portable Power Station
Price Info:
US version:15% -$934.00 $1,099.00
EU version(AT): 15%- €1.429,00(the EU version will restock on early of March)

🚨 APO-1 Dealers:
➜ USA/Canada:
➜ DE/Österreich/Schweiz:
➜ Europe:

✅ Off-Grid Solar Panel: (10% Off with discount code: survivallilly)
✅ Faraday Bag: (10% Off with discount code: survivallilly)

✅ Power Station: (100 USD Discount code: BLUETTISL100)

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This video was made and produced in Austria.

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