Fulton Armory Announces The M14 Black Hawk DMR

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Fulton Armory has recently announced the Black Hawk DMR, a custom M14 inspired by the weapon used by Randy Shughart in Mogadishu.

Fulton Armory is known for its match-grade builds of American service rifles, and the company’s newest addition to its catalog is particularly exciting. Fulton already had quite the spread of various M14 and M1A rifles for sale, but now the M14 Black Hawk DMR is available as well. The rifle is inspired by the weapon carried by U.S. Army Delta Force soldier Randy Shughart of Black Hawk Down fame, who died fighting in Mogadishu in 1993. Fulton Armory says that the rifle “brings together cutting-edge technology, unrivaled accuracy, and a tribute to one of the nation’s heroes.”

The Black Hawk DMR is built on a Fulton Armory M14-marked receiver that meets all USGI heat treat and material specifications. The receiver also features a Fulton Armory DMR Picatinny scope mount that comes professionally fitted and installed. The rifle comes standard with a 22-inch National Match Quality barrel that is chrome-lined, has a GI contour and a 1:10 twist, but when ordering, four other barrel options are available as well.


As for the smaller parts on the Black Hawk DMR, it uses a mix of GI and true Mil-Spec parts throughout, though all were selected and fitted by hand. Some of these parts, such as the polished gas piston and modified trigger, are National Match upgrades. The rifle also features a National Match flash suppressor (with a bayonet lug), a black fiberglass stock/handguard and a Kydex adjustable cheek piece.


The Fulton Armory M14 Black Hawk DMR otherwise comes with one 10-round mag, a sling, an owner’s manual and an accuracy guarantee of 1.5 MOA or better when using Federal Gold Match ammo. The base price is $3,739.95 and it’s available now.

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For more information, please visit fulton-armory.com.

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