5 things to know for May 18: G7 summit, TikTok, Classified docs, Gun control, Florida

Gun Rights


Legal notices have been sent to several popular athletic wear brands after testing showed their clothing could expose wearers to up to 40 times the safe limit of BPA — a toxic chemical compound used to make plastic.

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1. G7 summit

President Joe Biden arrived in Japan today for the G7 summit, an annual gathering for leaders of some of the world’s largest economies to discuss pressing issues on the global stage. Members of the G7 — which include France, Germany, Italy, the UK, Canada, Japan and the US — will participate in meetings over the next several days to bolster allies amid China’s growing military and economic ambitions and support Ukraine amid Russia’s invasion. Biden’s aides insist there won’t be any “arm twisting” around the G7 table when it comes to China, and have acknowledged that each of the countries represented will decide on its own approach. Biden is set to hold a press conference Sunday before returning to Washington to continue negotiations over raising the US debt ceiling.

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2. TikTok ban

Montana has become the first US state to ban TikTok, but the controversial legislation is expected to face a slew of legal challenges. Montana’s Republican Gov. Greg Gianforte signed a bill Wednesday prohibiting the app from operating within state lines beginning in January. The law also outlines potential fines of $10,000 per day for violators, including app stores found to host the social media app. In a statement to CNN, TikTok called the ban “unlawful” and said it would push to defend the rights of users in Montana. The law comes as many US officials have expressed fears that the Chinese government could potentially access US data via TikTok for spying purposes, though there is so far no evidence showing any improper conduct.

3. Classified documents

The National Archives has informed former President Donald Trump that it will hand over documents to a special counsel showing that Trump and his top advisers had knowledge of the correct declassification process while he was president, according to multiple sources. Trump and his allies have insisted that as president, Trump did not have to follow a specific process to declassify the documents that were found at his Mar-a-Lago residence. Sources say the records will be handed over to Jack Smith, the special counsel overseeing the criminal investigations into Trump’s retention of documents. This may provide insight into Trump’s intent and whether he willfully disregarded what he knew to be clearly established protocols.

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New evidence in classified documents probe may undercut Trump’s claims


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4. Gun control

Nevada’s Republican Gov. Joe Lombardo on Wednesday vetoed three gun control bills that sought to increase the age to possess certain firearms and restrict who can obtain them. “I will not support legislation that infringes on the constitutional rights of Nevadans,” Lombardo said. The veto comes as the country grapples with a record pace of mass shootings and as states move in opposite directions with legislation to curb or strengthen gun safety measures. This week, Maryland’s Democratic governor signed several measures that were immediately met with a lawsuit from the NRA. Last month, Michigan’s governor, also a Democrat, signed a ban on most sales of assault-style weapons. On the other hand, Nebraska and Florida recently enacted bills allowing people to carry concealed weapons without a permit.

5. Florida

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Wednesday signed into law new restrictions on gender-affirming treatments for minors, drag shows, bathroom usage and which pronouns can be used in schools. The package of legislation was a priority for DeSantis, who has already elevated these efforts in political speeches as he marches toward an expected presidential campaign in the coming days. One of the bills signed into law by DeSantis restricts teachers, faculty and students from using the pronouns of their choice in public schools. That bill also affirmed that sexual orientation and gender identity cannot be taught in schools through eighth grade. Also on Wednesday, a large book publisher and advocates sued a Florida school district to challenge the removal of several books on race and LGBTQ issues from school libraries.


The PGA Championship is here

It’s tee time! Golf fans are excited about the arrival of the 105th edition of the tournament today. Here’s how to watch

‘The Bachelor’ senior citizen edition is coming this fall

The popular franchise is showcasing a new type of love story about singles over 65 years old who want to find love in their “golden years.” 

Kraft Heinz wants you to mix flavors in your ketchu

The company is trying to make your food saucier with flavor “enhancers,” including jalapeño, smoky chipotle, buffalo and mango. 

Largest underwater scanning project in history’ gives never-before-seen view of Titanic

Deep sea investigators and filmmakers have managed to uncover incredible details about the 1912 tragedy.

Liam Payne says he’s over 100 days sober

The pop star is heading in a new direction.



That’s how many times the pandemic-related pause on federal student loan payments has been extended. The payments are expected to restart later this year, Education Secretary Miguel Cardona confirmed this week. 


“It’s clear that the paparazzi want to get the right shot … but public safety must always be at the forefront.”

— New York City Mayor Eric Adams, condemning “reckless” paparazzi after Prince Harry and his wife Meghan alleged photographers pursued them on Tuesday for hours through the city in a “near catastrophic” car chase. The couple was left shaken by the incident, although ultimately no one was hurt, their security detail told CNN. Prince Harry has been vocal about the security of his family, often highlighting parallels between his wife’s treatment by the paparazzi to that faced by his mother, Diana. The late Princess of Wales died in 1997 after suffering internal injuries resulting from a high-speed car crash in Paris.


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Football fans raise money to replace a boy’s stolen phone

Watch this amazing show of solidarity that happened outside the Vélodrome stadium in the south of France. (Click here to view)

boy phone marseille 1

A young football fan’s phone was stolen at a match. Then this happened


– Source:

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