Illinois: Gun Seizure Mandate Inserted Into Bill

Gun Rights

Last week, the House gutted House Bill 676 and amended it to include anti-gun provisions, including mandating that law-enforcement seize firearms from those who have not been convicted of a disqualifying offense. The House then voted to pass this amended bill and sent it to the Senate. With the General Assembly scheduled to adjourn this week, the Senate may vote on HB 676 any day now. Please contact your state senator and ask them to OPPOSE HB 676.

House Bill 676 creates a one-size-fits-all mandate that police seize firearms from anyone subject to an order of protection or “red flag” order. This includes ex parte orders, where the respondent is not notified of a hearing or offered any due process rights. There is no language in this legislation requiring the state police to return the seized guns if the order expires or if the ex parte order is dismissed.

In addition, HB 676 also amends the state law that allows county boards to regulate or prohibit the discharge of firearms in unincorporated areas near residential areas, to broaden “residential area” to mean any area within 1000 yards of at least three residential structures rather than the 300 yards in current law.

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Again, please contact your state senator and ask them to OPPOSE HB 676.

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