Gun-loving former cop finally says what needs to be said

Gun Rights

Over the weekend, there were 11 mass shootings and more than 300 total shootings in the United States. Among them was a mass shooting at a mall in Allen, Texas which left eight dead and seven injured. Right-wingers responded for the most part in their typical fashion, by offering thoughts and prayers but emphasizing they want to do nothing tangible to restrict gun accessibility in the United States. However, one witness of the mall shooting, Steven Spainhouer, stood out for his moral clarity as a gun lover who supports more regulations. Spainhouer, who is an ex-cop and ex-military officer, said that it wasn’t mental health that killed the people, but an automatic rifle with bullets. He argued that these weapons should not be on the streets and that action needs to be taken at the federal and state level for better gun control. Spainhouer’s opinions are not uncommon among responsible gun owners who are willing to subject themselves to mental health evaluations, liability insurance, relicensing, and waiting periods. However, the furthest right opinion on guns in this country has a foothold in the Republican Party, bolstered by the NRA which will stop at nothing to keep the profits churning for gun manufacturers.


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11 mass shootings
300 total shootings
Steven Spainhouer
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