Maine: Several Critical Gun Bills Being Heard Next Week

Gun Rights

The Criminal Justice and Public Safety committee will be holding several hearings during the week of May 8th that will greatly impact your Second Amendment rights in Maine. Some of the proposals being heard are listed below. NRA members and Second Amendment supporters are strongly urged to attend these hearings and make their voices heard. For those who are unable to attend, please press the “take action” button below to contact committee members and make your voices heard!

Maine Joint Standing Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety, State House, Room 436, Public Hearing: May 8th at 9:00 A.M.

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LD 624 strengthens existing law that expressly prohibits the State of Maine from creating any kind of gun-registry. This bill closes loopholes in existing law that could be exploited to create a quasi-gun registry in Maine.


LD 1011 would require law abiding gun owners who are victims of theft to report a stolen firearm within 72 hours of when the owner knew or “should have known” it was lost or stolen. Rather than deter fraudulent gun sales, this bill would turn victims of gun theft into criminals and make people whose guns have been lost or stolen hesitant to assist police for fear of prosecution.

LD 1340 would ban legal “rapid-fire modification devices” that are already commonly owned and in use by Mainers. These devices include but are not limited to bump stocks and binary triggers that are used in a wide array of legal activities including competitive and recreational shooting. Possession of such devices would result in a Class D crime.

Maine Joint Standing Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety, State House, Room 436, Public Hearing: May 9th at 1:00 P.M.

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LD 1560 strengthens Maine’s “Stand Your Ground Law” by removing the duty of the victim to retreat or comply with the criminal’s demands. Mainers should not be required to comply with or hide from criminals to protect themselves. This bill would empower and protect law-abiding citizens.

Again, please contact members and urge them to oppose all anti-gun measures and support all measures that protect your Second Amendment rights.

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